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Nature Protect


容量 : 10ml

成份 : 香薄荷、野馬鬱蘭、百里酚百里香、香荊芥酚百里香、沉香醇百里香、丁香花苞、茉莉、苦橙葉... 等精油
作用 : 對抗流感病毒、提升免疫

禁忌: 嬰幼兒、老人、孕婦、高血壓患者避免使用

注意: 使用時劑量宜低,可配合Immune Booster免疫提升複方精油一同使用,以減低刺激性。



Size: 10ml

Contents: Savory, Oregano compacto, Thyme thymol, Thyme carvacrol, Clove Bud, Thyme linalool, Jasmine, Petitgrain bigarade

Description: Anti-viral, flu prevention, immune boosting

Caution: Not recommended for children and pregnant women. Seniors and people with hypertension should use with care.

Note: Use in low dilution or mix with Immune Booster Synergy.

Nature Protect 天然保護複方精油 10ml

SKU: OW4269-10
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