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Eye cream anti-age


容量 : 15ml

成份 : 洋甘菊、絲柏、奇亞籽油... 等

產品描述 : 專為眼部幼嫩肌膚而調製的眼霜。矢車菊萃取物、歐錦葵萃取物,以及洋甘菊精油恢復眼睛明亮,摩洛哥堅果油和奇亞籽油含豐富不飽和脂肪酸,滋養保護眼部肌膚。

使用方法 : 早晚取少量塗抹眼部周圍


Eye cream anti-age

Size: 15ml

Ingredients: Chamomile, Cypress, Chia Oil,…

Description: Skillful eye formulation - to gently norish the delicate eye skin contour, Cornflower and Malva extracts and Chamomile essential oil revitalize and purify the epidermis. Argan and Chia oil, both base oils with high level Omega fatty acids, add brightening benefits and help restore natural skin hydration and protection. Enjoy Nature‘s caring touch.

Application: Apply a small amount morning and evening on the eye contour area.


Eye cream anti-age 逆齡眼霜 15ml

SKU: OW33105-15
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